FAQs About Funeral Services

What is an Independent Civil Celebrant?


An Independent Civil Celebrant is someone who offers a highly personal and individual service to a client, their family and loved ones.  


Are Independent Civil Celebrants religious?

They might be but their job is to provide an alternative secular service.


Can an Independent Civil Celebrant say prayers?

Yes, an Independent Civil Celebrant is not affiliated with or to any religious denomination but is fully able to include biblical passages and well known comforting prayers, blessings, psalms and traditional as well as modern hymns.


Why choose an Independent Civil Celebrant?

We live in an increasingly secular society and it may be that your loved one had no faith and would be better served by a secular service which a Civil Celebrant would be happy to perform. The Independent Civil Celebrant has the freedom to include anything in the service that the family would want and makes the deceased, not religious texts, the focus of the service.

How does the Celebrant know what we want?

The Celebrant’s role and purpose is to form a connection with the mourning family, to listen to what the family wants and to ensure that the ceremony itself fully represents, reflects and honours the beliefs and views of the deceased.  The Celebrant will then send a draft of the funeral script to the family for approval and any adjustments are made at that time.

How would you do that?

I would arrange to visit you and have a conversation with you and the family which can take place in your home or another place of your choosing. You would be able to contact me by phone or email at all times if you need advice, information, support or reassurance. It might be that we need another meeting or two if necessary. I would then create the funeral script and send it to you for your approval. I would make any changes you want.


Will we see the Celebrant before the service on the day of the funeral?

On the day the Celebrant will be at the venue, crematorium, woodland, sea or cemetery before the family members arrive and will be there to ensure that everything is in place and will be a familiar and reassuring presence. The service should then speak for itself: a drawing together of the wishes of the family with the loved one fully at the heart of the ceremony. Everyone will know that the service was created and conducted, tailor-made, just for their loved one.

Can we keep the funeral script?

Yes. You can ask for a copy of the funeral script to be bound and given to you. This is different from the Order of Service and will include the Eulogy and  copies of any poems, songs, psalms etc

Does the funeral service have to be held at a crematorium by a



No, the funeral service can be held at any venue where funerals are legally permitted, for example, a woodland burial, cemetery, a non-denominational  chapel or a burial at sea. People are increasingly looking at the growing range of burial options that are eco-friendly and green.

If my loved one’s funeral is at a crematorium what happens to the ashes?

The ashes will be kept at the crematorium initially and then, if you wish a Celebrant can perform a service to scatter or inter the ashes. The ceremony will be bespoke, the family can discuss what should be included but the Celebrant will happily write the service if that would be easier.

What if my loved one has donated their body to Medical Science?

When people arrange to donate their bodies to Medical Science this can feel strange for the family who cannot follow the more typical funeral service so it is a good idea to hold a special service. If we are holding a service for our loved one without his or her body present - the service might be called a Memorial for the Life of …  or a Celebration of the Life of … The service can be arranged in any way the family wants and the Celebrant can provide examples and suggestions about how that can be achieved. The service then acts as a transition and gives everyone the chance to say goodbye.

Where do you work?

I live on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset and am able to carry out ceremonies in South West. However, exceptionally, I will travel to anywhere to perform funeral ceremonies by arrangement.


Can I just ask questions without obligation?

Of course. I am happy to help. Please feel free to get in touch for a chat.

How do I get hold of you?

You can telephone me on 07919354057 or call my landline 01308 423367 or you can email me at bespokeservicesandceremonies@gmail.com or leave a message on my website. I will get back to you immediately.

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