A funeral is our most important goodbye and we are often expected to  say it when we feel least able. This is where I can help. I will come to meet you and we can talk about how we can best honour and remember your loved one.

We can discuss what you want to include in the service –  from photographs, videos and music to poems or readings from much loved books, but if you feel unable to think about the detail, I can offer suggestions, advice and support.  After our meeting I will send you a copy of the script for the service for you to read through so you can see if it feels right. You must not worry if we need to change things a few times.


After we meet please feel comfortable getting in touch whenever you want to if you have any worries or concerns. On the day of the funeral I will be there to greet you and then will support you through the service.  After the day is over I will send you a copy of the script of the ceremony to keep.             

 "My job is to make sure every ceremony I conduct has your loved one at its heart. "

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