Out of respect to loved ones, some names have been abbreviated or changed.

"You have a beautiful way with words and bring warmth to any story"


"I think that your poem about X  is absolutely beautiful and captures him perfectly – He would absolutely love it I know for certain and would love it included in the service.

... Thank you so much for your kindness, support and understanding"

- C

"True and accurate reflection on Mary’s life very creative ‘jewel in the crown’"



"You have a lovely natural style. You are a fabulous story teller very natural and without doubt very inclusive"



"Great light and shade in voice good pace and flow and flowed beautifully Alex is a great story teller very engaging"


"Dealt with a very sensitive eulogy and was deeply appreciated"


"I know I keep saying it but I really cannot ever thank you enough for everything that you have done and how perfectly you have captured X."


"Your poem was really well received and a couple of strangers came up to me afterwards and said how they enjoyed it. Thanks ever so much for the time and effort you put into making a special piece for people you have never met"


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