FAQs About Wedding Services

What is an Independent Civil Celebrant?


An Independent Civil Celebrant is someone who offers a highly personal and individual service to a client, their family and loved ones.  

Are Independent Civil Celebrants religious?


They might be but their job is to provide an alternative secular service.

Can an Independent Civil Celebrant say prayers?

Yes, an Independent Civil Celebrant is not affiliated with or to any religious denomination but is fully able to include biblical passages and well known comforting prayers, blessings, psalms and traditional as well as modern hymns.

Why choose an Independent Civil Celebrant?

You would choose an Independent Civil Celebrant to conduct your wedding if you want the freedom to make the celebration truly reflect you and your love for each other. It will be personal. It can be quirky. It can be themed. It can be eco-friendly and green. The venue can be at the top of a mountain in the middle of a lake, underwater, in your back garden – wherever you like, subject to any legal restrictions and safety equipment! I am very creative and would love to design a wedding just for you. The relationship between the Celebrant and the couple is so important to make sure we get everything right for this very important day.

Is there any advantage in using a civil celebrant?

Yes. The personal touch and creativity of the Celebrant will help you to have and enjoy the ceremony of your dreams.

Before the ceremony the Celebrant should have built a good relationship with you through interviews, skype, phone calls and emails. A good civil Celebrant will be happy to conduct a rehearsal a few days or a day before the ceremony and will arrive early at the venue, check with the parties that all is well, take into account any last minute changes and come armed with a supply of resources  – everything from water, painkillers, hairspray, spare tights, after shave to throat lozengers and tissues.

Are you happy conducting ceremonies for LGBT plus partners?

Absolutely. I believe in the power of love – not prejudice. I would be delighted to help you create the day of your dreams.

What is a typical ceremony?

Using an Independent Civil Celebrant means that there are no typical ceremonies as such because every service will be different. There can be a structure if you want one. There can be traditional entrances and exits, there can be exchanges of vows or pledges but how it is put together can be fabulous and different, inspiring and delightful for all the wedding party to enjoy. There can be rituals that include your family and friends – a ring warming ceremony, a sand ceremony, unity candles, hand-fasting to combine families or children from previous relationships. Everyone’s needs can be taken into account and acknowledged in any way you feel works. It can be serious, solemn, reverent, dignified, fun, celebratory, ancient, modern loud, colourful or silent and thoughtful. We can discuss it all, every step and you can have the bespoke wedding ceremony specially bound as a souvenir.

Where can we have our wedding?

The sky is the limit! The list of venues is endless: it could be on a farm, in a garden, in a stone circle, historic building, woodland, forest, lake, ship, ruins, private home, mansion, hotel, estate, castle, pub, decommissioned chapel or church anywhere you like as long as we have legal permission.

Can an Independent Civil Celebrant legally marry us?

No. You will need to register your marriage by completing all the legalities at your local Register or Registry Office https://www.gov.uk/register-offices  (most offer a short registration with 2 witnesses for a small fee). 

Can you offer religious content as a non-religious celebrant?

Yes, as someone once said, ‘There is no copy-right in the Bible’ so I can offer prayers and blessings, taking readings from the Bible and combine it with secular material such as poetry, music lyrics, film clips, anything you like.

My partner wants a big celebration – I don’t! Help!

An independent Civil Celebrant creates the service with you and your love for each other as the focus and heart of the ceremony. Not everyone is comfortable centre stage and I am a great problem solver so I would do my best to suggest solutions make sure that you can both relax and enjoy everything about the day without feeling unnecessary tension.

Where do you work?

I live on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset and am able to carry out services in South West. However, exceptionally, I will travel to anywhere to perform wedding ceremonies by arrangement.

Can I just ask questions without obligation?

Of course. I am happy to help. Please feel free to get in touch for a chat.

How do I get hold of you?

You can telephone me on 07919354057 or call my landline 01308 423367 or you can email me at bespokeservicesandceremonies@gmail.com or leave a message on my website. I will get back to you immediately.

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